Guided Meditation for Love, Peace, and Self-Care

Episode 81 October 26, 2022 00:10:24
Guided Meditation for Love, Peace, and Self-Care
Breathe In, Breathe Out with Krystal Jakosky
Guided Meditation for Love, Peace, and Self-Care

Oct 26 2022 | 00:10:24


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Krystal Jakosky

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This week on Breathe In, Breathe Out, I'm gifting you a meditation focused on love, peace, and self-care. I hope you enjoy this practice and find it to be especially healing after a long season of hardship and ache. Here's to setting intentions for taking care of YOU!




FIRST TIME HERE? Hey, there! I’m Krystal Jakosky - a teacher, writer, and transformational life coach based in CO. I release weekly podcasts about self-care, hard truths, journaling, meditation, and radical self-ownership. All are wholeheartedly welcome here. 

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Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor, take a slow deep breath in and now breathe out. Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it. Welcome back to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I’m Krystal Jakosky and thank you for joining me. Thank you for being here and as a thank you this week, I want to do a guided meditation. So as usual I ask you to please do not be driving. I ask you to find a fantastic little space where you can curl up, relax, and be comfortable, whether you wanna sit up or lie down. However, it is that you enjoy meditating. I pray that you get cozy comfy, get right there, and then we'll start with a nice deep breath in and out. And let's do that again. Nice and deep all the way into the belly hand out. And as you keep breathing so deeply and fully letting your chest expand your belly and then feeling the way that it all begins to relax and contract release, And you keep breathing in and out feeling that surface that supports you how you're completely and totally able to let go and be in the space at this moment, these deep breaths, the stress melts off and leaves you perfectly calm and at ease at the moment. That's right. Another deep breath in it feels so good hand out with your next deep breath. We're gonna open up our mind's eye and visualize an orb. And as that orb materializes in front of you, I want you to notice everything about it. It's size. Is it solid or pulsating? What color is it? Is there anything unique or different about this orb before you, this orb is filled with exactly what you need in this moment, whatever it is that you need, whether you're heart and emotions need a little bit of healing, or there's a physical need, little relax and soothing in a muscle mentally, spiritually clarity, understanding, take that deep breath in and settle, announce this a and as this or has exactly what we need? We're going to invite it in the first place we're gonna invite it into is our hearts so that we can have a little gratitude for this gift at this moment. And then we're gonna let the orb find its way to where it really wants to settle. As you breathe in, just allow, feel it, the warmth notice where it settles, and notice the energetic shift has it Nestles in, and then it begins to grow. It increases in size with each breath. It slowly enlarges, as it eventually encompasses your entire being all the way around head to toe. You are wrapped up in this positive, energetic light. Take a moment. If there's another color that you would like to add to this orb, another color that just pops into your mind. Add that one. And now you've got these two beautiful colors, like two separate shells, bringing in this positive energy and the exact thing that you need at this time. Feel the love, the encouragement, the warmth, and keep breathing deeply. You can sit in this as long as you want. As long as you need to feel this healing moment, you can add more colors. It's all it works for you when you're ready, you'll start to take a deep breath in. As you begin journeying back into present awareness in your body, with each breath you're more present. You feel the surface supporting you. You feel your rib cage shifting as you breathe in, breathe out another breath. You start wiggling your fingers and toes, more aware of your surroundings. And then you open your eyes. Take a nice deep breath in, give a little stretch, feeling your body in the fantastic thing that it is. And now you can either go about your day or curl up and take a nap. And I'll see you here again next week on Breathe In, Breathe Out. I hope this moment of self-care and healing brought you some hope and peace. I’m @krystaljakosky on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and I hope you check us out and follow along for more content coming soon. I look forward to being with you again here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. Until next time, take care.

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