133: Guided Meditation to Let Go of Past Mistakes

October 25, 2023 00:20:54
133: Guided Meditation to Let Go of Past Mistakes
Breathe In, Breathe Out with Krystal Jakosky
133: Guided Meditation to Let Go of Past Mistakes

Oct 25 2023 | 00:20:54


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Krystal Jakosky

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In this episode of "Breathe In, and Breathe Out", join me for a guided meditation journey to find peace, healing, and forgiveness. Through deep breaths and relaxation techniques, learn to release tension held in our bodies and embracing the present moment. Discover how to let go of past mistakes, acknowledge our emotions, and extend love and acceptance to ourselves and others. Join me on this soothing episode to find inner peace while owning our own growth.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:03] Think meditation is hard. Do me a favor, take a slow, deep breath in. [00:00:09] And now breathe out. Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I'm Crystal Jakowski, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out, a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it. You. [00:00:27] Hello and welcome back. Last week I talked about how we need to stop beating ourselves up over the past, stop pulling up all of those challenging, difficult things, the decisions that we've made because the present is hard enough. [00:00:46] I also talked about how we hold those in our muscles. So this week, I want to take you through a guided meditation to help find some of those and release it. I hope that this helps you and take care. Welcome back to breathe in, breathe out. I'm Crystal Jakowski, and this week is a guided meditation. So as always, please do not do this while you are driving or operating any kind of machinery. [00:01:21] My preference is that you find a very comfortable, safe space that you can relax and cocoon. [00:01:33] It's probably best to have the animals put away so they can't disturb you and pull you out of this. [00:01:40] Make sure that you have enough time to give yourself this moment to relax and fully let go. [00:01:51] So nestle in, get comfy. Whether you're sitting or laying down, curled up, doing a headstand, I don't care. I just want you comfy. [00:02:05] And then let's take a nice deep breath in, all the way into the belly. Expand your entire chest, taking it in before you slowly let it out. [00:02:18] Yeah, you know this, it feels so good. Take another nice deep breath in all the way. You feel that oxygen in your blood flowing throughout all of your muscles, bringing them that life giving force as it flows through you. [00:02:45] Another deep breath in and out, sinking, relaxing evermore with each deep breath, allowing the air to flow, rhythm in, then out. [00:03:19] Your body sinks more into the surface, supporting it as you take another deep breath in and then let it out. [00:03:38] We're going to start at the top of your head, your next deep breath into your scalp, top of your head, your connection to the divine. [00:03:55] And that deep breath starts to spread oxygen all the way down your forehead, relaxing those muscles that are so expressive. [00:04:10] Another deep breath in down your eyebrows, your eyelids. [00:04:18] You feel them release and relax as you focus on them and invite them to let go. [00:04:31] With another deep breath, we move down your ears, your nose and your cheeks, that area between your nose and your lips. [00:04:46] You feel all of those muscles release and you sink deeper. With another deep breath in down your jaw and your chin at the base of your head where your neck joins. We're going to go down your neck. A nice deep breath into those muscles, feeling them release. They hold up your head all the time. Turn it so you can take in the world these fabulous muscles. Get to relax and let go. [00:05:34] As we breathe deeper and deeper, feeling it all sink and relax with another deep breath will go out your shoulders. [00:05:54] You feel them sink a little bit more, letting go of the weight they're holding. [00:06:04] So we go all the way out your shoulders and down your arms, breathing deeply and fully in and out, sinking, sinking down your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, if you need to roll them, or make fists. And let your fingers release and relax fully. [00:06:39] Shake them out and letting them rest at ease, at peace, by your sides or on your knees, wherever they are laying. [00:06:59] With the next deep breath in, you feel your chest expand. Acknowledge those lungs and that heart, how your rib cage constantly protects those organs. [00:07:15] Keep breathing nice and deep, feeling those muscles release and relax, sink into the surface that's supporting you as we continue moving down your hips, your belly, your intestines, all of those organs that help process the food, the nutrients that you give it. [00:07:47] Give it a little thank you with an extra bit of air while you take another deep breath in and out. [00:08:01] We'll move down your hips, your buttocks. [00:08:07] You carry so much stress there, all of the muscles that help keep you upright and erect. [00:08:18] A nice deep breath in and you sink further into the surface. As we move down your thighs, these powerful legs and your knees. [00:08:39] This relaxation continues moving as you go deeper and deeper down your calves, to your ankles, the soles of your feet, your arches, the balls, all the way out your toes. [00:09:03] You're so at peace, at rest, cradled upon this surface. [00:09:14] Another nice deep breath in, allowing yourself this moment of total peace in your mind's eye. We're going to open up your sacred, safe space. [00:09:42] If you have already created one, that is what opens up to you. [00:09:50] If you need a little help, picture yourself in a wooded clearing, tall trees surrounding you, protective in your safe space. Take in the colors, the smells, the feel. [00:10:23] Is there sunlight? [00:10:25] Is there a breeze? [00:10:30] Be in this space and find gratitude for this space being here solely for you, your healing and your support. [00:10:56] Now, whether you're standing or laying down or sitting in this safe space, that is up to you. [00:11:06] We are going to do a quick scan of your body and find the spot. [00:11:15] There is this spot, you can feel it somewhere there's, this knot, there's, this hardened point that is drawing your attention. [00:11:36] And we want to go into that. [00:11:52] The energy that is within that space, we want to ask it to come out and be in front of us. [00:12:03] Now, you may be holding it in your hands, it may just float in the air in front of you, but the energy that is causing that knot comes out and dwells in front of you in some shape or form. [00:12:30] You know what this is. [00:12:33] You recognize it as it sits there. [00:12:39] The decision, the experience. [00:12:45] Perhaps this is a little snow globe or a TV that plays out the scenario. [00:12:56] Just little tidbits to remind you. [00:13:10] Take a moment to see everyone, see yourself. [00:13:18] All of the forces that were pushing upon you in that moment, all of the challenges, all of the lenses through which you saw this moment. [00:13:39] Take a deep breath, nice and deep, and slowly let it out. [00:13:55] Let's do it again. Nice deep breath. [00:14:03] Then let it out slowly. [00:14:18] Now that you see it and everything that surrounded it, can you wrap yourself and everyone else involved in a blanket of love, acceptance? [00:14:49] Can you wrap everyone in forgiveness, yourself included? [00:15:05] Deep breath. Deep, deep breath. [00:15:17] That's right. [00:15:25] As you look at this situation, what did you need in that moment to help you through? [00:15:49] Can you give that to yourself now from the you that you are at this point in time, can you reach out across to the younger you and give them what they needed? [00:16:20] As you acknowledge, embrace, forgive and heal, you also see the gift. [00:16:46] What positive thing came about? [00:16:51] What lesson was learned because you chose this path, because you made this decision? [00:17:01] In this moment, we're going to take that love, that acceptance, and the lesson that we learned and bring it right back to the muscle that we noticed was so tense, the muscle that really needed the attention at this time. [00:17:27] Is there anything else that that muscle needs? [00:17:32] Do you need to wrap it in a color? [00:17:43] Instill it with extra love? [00:17:53] You can feel it looser, more relaxed and at ease. [00:18:02] Take a nice deep breath. Feeling better, knowing that it's okay. [00:18:11] Yeah. [00:18:15] And another deep breath. [00:18:20] It disappears from before you, and you're left with knowledge, forgiveness and healing. [00:18:33] And now it's time to come back. [00:18:38] So you take another deep breath and you begin to hear my voice a little bit louder. [00:18:47] You take another deep breath and you feel the surface supporting you, holding you up. [00:18:57] You're more aware of your surroundings. [00:19:02] With another deep breath, you might stretch your shoulders, roll your wrists and your ankles, becoming more aware and alert. [00:19:17] And with another deep breath, you roll your neck, you open your eyes. [00:19:24] More alert, present to your surroundings, awake and ready to face your day. [00:19:38] I encourage you to journal for a moment. [00:19:42] I encourage you to take a couple more deep breaths as you shift. [00:19:50] If you're going right into your day right now, I encourage you to stomp your feet a couple of times to become more connected with the here and now. [00:20:00] And if you're going to bed, I hope that you sleep beautifully. [00:20:08] Thank you for joining me today, and I'll see you again next week here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. [00:20:19] I hope this moment of self care and healing. Brought you some hope and peace. I'm Crystal Daikowski on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and I hope you check us out and follow along for more content coming soon. I look forward to being with you again here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. Until next time. Take care.

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