Healing Your Inner Child with Damla Aktekin

Episode 78 October 05, 2022 00:46:34
Healing Your Inner Child with Damla Aktekin
Breathe In, Breathe Out with Krystal Jakosky
Healing Your Inner Child with Damla Aktekin

Oct 05 2022 | 00:46:34


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Krystal Jakosky

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You've most likely heard the term "inner child," but do you know what it really means? In this week's episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out, my guest and I dive into the beautiful transformation and change that takes place when you begin to heal your inner child.
Damla Aktekin is an Inner Child Energetic Wound Healer, Crystal Healing Teacher, and Soul Healing Writer who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond the energetic wounds of their inner children and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul community. Through her own healing journey, she discovered a unique way to approach crystal healing which is based on cultivating a loving, co-creative, and respectful relationship with crystals that activates their limitless healing potential. She is the author of life-changing daily practice journals, creator of the Chakra Bliss Vault Crystal Healing Membership, and the host of the Conversations With Healers Podcast.
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Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor, take a slow deep breath in and now breathe out. Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it. Krystal Jakosky: Welcome to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I'm Krystal Jakosky, and as always, I am thrilled that you're here. This week I speak with Damla Aktekin and she is an inner child energetic wound tiller, a crystal healing teacher, and soul healing writer who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond the energetic wounds of their inner children and shine brighter than they ever thought possible so they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul communities. Through Damla’s own healing journey, she discovered a unique way to approach crystal healing, which is based on cultivating a long, loving co-creating, and respectful relationship with crystals that activates their limitless healing potential. She's the author of Life-Changing Daily Practice Journals, the creator of the Chakra Bliss Vault, Crystal Healing Membership, and the host of the Conversations with Healers Podcast. Go listen to her there. This was a fun interview for me. We brushed on crystals and how fantastic they are, and then we talked about motherhood and how becoming a mother changed her life. We talked about our own healing potential and how ancestral healing and ancestral experiences feed into our lives in the here and now. She was a lovely guest and I really hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Krystal Jakosky: Hello and welcome to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I'm Krystal Jakosky and I'm excited today to be speaking with Damla Aktekin because we are going to talk about inner child work and all sorts of fabulous stuff. So before I get too excited because my energy is off the charts, she's already feeling me going, What the heck? Calm down. Damla, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get here? Where'd you come from? Just give us a little bit of you. Damla Aktekin: Yeah, no worries. I'm right there with you, coming out of another call. But, who am I? What I do is help people heal their inner child through the progressive and co-creative work of looking at the symbols and the life that's inside of you, diving into the landscape that is you with help, and realizing that underneath all the trauma, all the energetic wounds, all the stuff, there is an infinite potential that lives in you, which I call your inner child, and it's possible to invite them into your life. The way this work came into my life through my own healing journey. Through a series of health issues, I first go into my body as a healing source. I discovered yoga and do it in all sorts of ways. And then in 2012, my daughter was born via emergency C-section. And I went into a place where everything I knew or thought I knew wasn't working I didn't realize or recognize who I was, my body. I couldn't connect with myself. And through that journey, I discovered I could connect with crystals and I could, some sort of partner with crystals. That led to gradual healing, which then led to inner child healing work. Krystal Jakosky: So crystals led to inner healing. How did that happen? How did crystals come in? I love crystals and use them as well. I have them all over my house and my studio, and they surround me. But how did they come into your life? How did they introduce themselves, so to speak? Damla Aktekin: Well, I wasn't someone who went out and bought a bunch of crystals. I never actually had any interest in that realm, but what happened was I was in such a place of darkness and I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. What I hadn't realized then, which I know now, is all the things that I haven't looked at and healed were coming up together. And I was very poorly resourced to handle it. So my decision point was I am going to go out into the world and go full rabbit hole into anything that presents itself. And lo and behold, I just came across a YouTube video that talked about crystals. So there I was in the middle of the night not knowing how to approach crystals or what to do about it. I just naturally went and got myself the biggest crystals I could find at the time. I thought that was the thing. And then I said, I'm just going to lie down and place them on and around my body. I was familiar with the chakra system through my yoga training. And so that's what I did. It was very much an intuitive process because as a new mom, I didn't have time to go read a whole bunch of resources or take courses or do anything. Even then, even when I did glance at books or online resources, it always astounded me that people would categorize crystals a certain way and then they would categorize them a different way in other resources. It made no sense to me, and it wasn't reflecting my direct experience, which was I was gradually feeling better as I came back to connect with the crystals, with nothing more than the intention of just being present with them and being connected with them. I was just feeling better each and every time I did that. Through that, I realized this is something I want to teach others, and this is something I want to practice. The inner children came to be, as I began to work with people one on one, I would often ask them, in the crystal healing the places that they felt in their bodies. I would ask them, um, if it was a particular discomfort or a naughty area, I would say, How old is this place? That question just came to me intuitively. And they would say, Oh, it feels like it's from when I was five years old. Or they would say, It's been there forever. It's older than time. So to me, that indicated an ancestral wounding. I began to sort of play with this and, you know, this thing that began to present itself in my sessions over and over and over again. Now I know that when I'm working with a client and we're diving underneath the skin into your earth, that is a microcosmos. That is an inner sky. And there may be clouds and there may be things hindering the view, but there are so many stars, and there are so many little potentials to be discovered and to be activated. Krystal Jakosky: I love your imagery. I'm huge on storytelling and imagery. And to step back and look at ours, the way you said it was our earth, our internal being, and looking at the stars and recognizing that each one is a different experience. Each one is a different moment. And there are clouds that come and they may block that view and they may block that view for a myriad of different reasons. Sometimes it's to protect us, sometimes it's to hide, I mean, myriad of different reasons. And then with you, they can go through and they can part those clouds, see that moment, and then heal what was behind the clouds. Damla Aktekin: Okay? It's a little bit like this. That imagery is actually from a dream that I had. I saw myself in Egypt and I'm by the pre-pyramids. I'm looking up at the sky and people are just passing by. Then there are a few people stopping to see what I'm looking at. And I show people, Look at this beautiful night sky, Just look at this. I knew immediately that was my work. But what you're describing is pretty common in the sense that when we are faced with a challenge in life, we create a strategy, a vibrational pattern to deal with it. And that pattern continues to stay with us, whether it's a nervous system pattern or it's a certain way of being in our relationships. The difference between the way I approach inner child healing to anything else that's out there is that I'm not looking to take you on a journey from point A to point B. You have the clouds. Point B being you don't have any clouds. The clouds are part of the process and your inner landscape. But what I am saying is, what if we didn't have to eradicate the wound? But what if together with the wound your infinite potential of past, parallel, and future inner children and the inner children of your ancestors living in a quantum seat in each and every moment hidden inside your DNA, inside your crystalline being? What if we can look at your whole process of healing that wound as a chance to discover the hidden potential more often than not in your biggest cloud is hidden your biggest and most potent light and potential. Krystal Jakosky: Thank you for correcting me, Damla Aktekin: Did I correct? I did. Krystal Jakosky: In some ways and in other ways. No, and it's all good. I really appreciate your clarifying what I was asking. How does the ancestral piece come into that? How does the ancestral inner child work affect us? Where is that? How do you understand that? Damla Aktekin: Well, first of all, if you look at your immediate ancestors, your parents, there are a lot of wounds or patterns that we take on to honor them. Your mom or dad may have had anger issues and you thought that was a great way to be just like them to honor their existence and to carry on their pain. So some of the excavating work that I do with people is to help them connect the dots and see what's theirs and what's not. Once they realize, for instance, where, in very practical terms, I would say to you, Krystal, something like, Where are you feeling the most sensation right now? We're not gonna do that. But just to give you an example. I would say, Okay, is it your throat? Is it your heart? Where is it? And then we would go into that sensation and you might describe seeing a stone in your heart. You might describe seeing a net wrapping around your neck. And then I say, Okay, how much of this thing that's around your neck is your own? And how much of it is taken on from somebody else? And people are very, very quick to know what that is. Sometimes it's a percentage, sometimes the whole thing isn't yours, and then it becomes very easy to transform that and to move through that to reach your potential. But to answer your question, the ancestral piece is we're not we're not just separate beings. As my website name suggests, we are, you are a drop of vibration and potentiality swimming in a sea of that potentiality, we have our own individual wounds as well as the wounds of our ancestors and the wounds of our species present. Of those, perhaps naming their wounds is not necessarily giving or doing them justice because they're all unrealized potentials of existing at ease, existing in flow, and being more coherent. In my eye. Krystal Jakosky: I love that we're talking about this today because, over the last two weeks, there have been a lot of nudges and comments, conversations, and questions that have come up. I know that they have been coming from the universe, from that home saying, Hey, Krystal, it's time for you to look at this and it's time for you to check-in. And I realized that a lot of the things that I was being asked about fed back to those ancestral things with my parents, with my grandparents and how they lived their lives and how they were taught, how they were raised, and how things changed or did not change for them. Then my current is actually my reaction to them and how they taught me to be in this. And I accepted that. I chose to take that belief on. And so now I'm sitting here saying, What do I do with it? And do I want to change that? Do I want to alter that? Do I want to shift that? And is there hidden potential that I didn't know was there because I had this additional commotion or the cloud hiding? What's there? So can I go in and shift all of that by myself? Can I do my inner child work by myself? Damla Aktekin: Yes, a little bit. Now I've shared this free meditation called Activate the Light of Your Inner Child. And that's something you can do every single day. It's going to be limited to what your nervous system is able and willing to handle by itself. And what I mean by that is a lot of these things are relational. The wounds that we're talking about, came about in a relational manner. You got into a sort of conflict or a challenge with somebody else or something else in your life. So it's kind of hard and not always fun, in my opinion, to go into that realm of relationships by yourself. The other piece of it is when you're going to enter into a trusting relationship with a healer like me, that takes vulnerability, that takes, again, your nervous system, being at a place where you can handle it. You can say, Oh, okay. Like, I don't have to do it by myself, but, but how do I even trust this person? Krystal Jakosky: Right? Damla Aktekin: So it depends on where you are on your healing journey. It depends on how much you want this. Some people are ready to jump in and jump deep. Some people want and need to go a little bit on their own. I share a lot of like inner child tidbits on my social media, through Fury resources. But at the end of the day, I can't do with you through free resources. What I do in a 10-session engagement, in committing to doing at least 10 sessions with me, you're saying you're giving your system free rein to bring up the stuff and in all layers of the stuff. And my gift is I am clairvoyant, and I tune in to what needs to be heard, seen, and understood at the moment, what needs to be gently held and fed and nourished at the moment. I will guide you through that. And sometimes it's a silent session. A lot of times it's not silent. I ask a lot of questions. What are you sensing, feeling, and noticing in your body? What's happening? What is this reminding you of when you meet your five-year-old in the middle of a stuck point in your heart? It's a deeply magical thing to experience to look into the eyes of that child and realize they haven't been hurt, they haven't been permanently wounded. They have been very frustrated waiting for you to connect with them. So we're living in times, Krystal, you're bringing up a great point, which is the nudges are getting stronger and louder and getting very hard to ignore, which also means the support around it. How should I put it? There is a weight that's there, but incredibly, there is a force around you that's wanting you to get out of that weight. So I would listen to the nudges and that was my promise to myself that got me here even what I'm doing is giving myself the promise to go all in. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. You brought up a great point about people. And when we finally decide to invest in ourselves, when we finally decide to invest in our own healing and say, I am doing this. I am going to give this to myself. A couple of things happen when we do that, number one, sometimes we feel a little bit of a pull backward. Like we're afraid of taking that step forward, right? When we first initially say, I'm going to do this, that's the fear of change. And that's the part of you that's like, No, no, no, I'm comfortable in this. And yet there's also this equal and opposite opportunity where we can really step into our own strength, our own power, our own healing, and we can shift so many things. Right now, I agree with you fully, those nudges are getting so loud and the work that I do with somebody is going to be so different from the work that you do with people. Yet we're all trying to help each other and heal and vibe up, for lack of a better word, coming into more of a loving and accepting space. Damla Aktekin: Yes, loving and accepting. Yes. Wipe up. No, I want people to wipe in. I want people just like the goddess Iana, to go underneath to the underworld, willingly going through the seven different layers of initiation, not like per se, the Greek goddess who was pulled into the darkness, into the underworld, which was what I experienced as a new mom. So unless you are willing to take the journey down and into your inner, chances are you're going to be pulled in. I'm very careful to not say I'm not here to get you out of your place. I want you to be in the body with the cloud to delight everything with your divine presence. And the word divine to me means accepting and allowing all of you. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. I tell people to tune out of the world and tune into you, tune into your heart, tune into your body, tune into where you're at and how you feel in that moment and what you need and how you can heal and shift and be more present at that moment. You're in this moment where life is really difficult. You have this sudden C-section now you have this newborn child and you are really struggling. How does this new understanding, how does this shift work with you and your child now? How do you help them through life? Damla Aktekin: First of all, it changes. It changed everything. It changed how I look at life, and how I experienced life. I went through a gruesome but very deep transformation because previously I was living in a very mind-based world. And then I thought when I came down to my body, that was it. And then I was awakened to a deeper truth, which is that my body is made up of space and pure light potential. So the way these works is, and one who's a parent would say they come in, the children come in with their own uniqueness and with their own light. And what I am, my daughter is 10. So what I am working with now is how can I be present with this child. Assuming that I know her, but knowing that this is a new moment, another new moment because she is changing very fast. And the other good part is that a lot of the things that I've learned and implemented in myself and in my relationships, and I've attempted to teach her are now coming back to me. Of course, we're sitting on the couch, She's telling me of a hard day at school, and I suggest something. And she says, Mom, I need you to listen. I don't need you to fix me right now. So yeah that happens inside. And I feel like I did something right there. In a lot of ways I gave birth to her, but she gave birth to me as a healer. She continues to show me and challenge me in different ways. And I think as she grows, it becomes more apparent to me that presence of not assuming that I know her is going to be more and more important. Krystal Jakosky: Is there anything that stands out that she has taught you specifically? I mean, she's fed into your growth as a healer and coming into your own and you're constantly learning more from her. Is there anything that you've learned more about yourself? Damla Aktekin: Yeah. Well, two things. The first one is, I mean that looking at it new every day and not assuming things, applies to crystals and your inner children as well. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. Damla Aktekin: So there's that. And she is also, I think, the biggest thing that has happened to me personally through the journey of motherhood is seeing in her growth faces a lot of myself and not in the sense that she is similar to me, but her being currentness reminding me of me being me and what that was like and what was there as a resource and what wasn't there as a resource. And it's interesting because her resources are much different than mine and from my point of view a lot more than mine. But she doesn't always feel that way. That's interesting to watch. It's also interesting because she doesn't assume or know anything else other than like my mom and dad are going to be there for me. I have other adults that I can trust and so on and so forth. So I'm seeing her and even in that there are points that she's struggling with, as we all do as part of the growth process. And my biggest learning is what are the consequences of her little mini-decisions that I can leave her with every single day that are going to help her move through the next challenge of growth. And where do I sort of put gentle hands behind her back to push her through? And to be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm making it up as I go. That's the honest truth of it. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. I think that's the way it is as a parent. We just kind of dive in and we hope that we're doing okay and that our kids are okay. I think the way that we approach parenthood can be the way that we approach our, How do I put that when I came? So when I was a parent, when I would become a mom, I'm just going to dive in. I'm just going to get this stuff done. I'm going to figure it out. Oh, did I screw my child up there? Did I miss something up there? What did I do wrong? And I find I ask myself the same questions in my business, like, I'm diving in, I'm just going to do this. I'm going to make it up as I go. I'm going to learn and teach myself what I need to learn so that I can be more of a helper to those who need me and a guide to those who need me. And it's the same thing with my kids. Teach me so that I can help these beings, these fabulous souls go through life and be the best souls that they can be and nurture them lovingly and hopefully they feel like we did a good job at the end of the whole thing. So that just felt like a side tangent for some reason. Damla Aktekin: Can I add something to it? I have a similar prayer. I say, please be gentle with me. You're teaching that over the years I learned doesn't hurt to ask, can we go a little slower perhaps at some point? Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. You mentioned that you were in that dark hole and you were asking what am I going to do? And crystals were right there. When I first said, I'm ready to learn, I'm ready to step on my path. Show me it was the crystals were the first thing that jumped in, and then it was chakras, and then it just kept piling on. You keep learning and you keep seeing how everything is so connected and how everything can really nurture each other and come together in such a beautiful way. And it is, you, you need them to be, be gentle with me because you're giving a lot to me at this moment. And in the same aspect, I think that we can unintentionally do that with our clients because we're saying, Hey, I see, let's help you. Krystal Jakosky: And if they're in that moment able to accept that, then we keep going. And if they're not, then we have to pull back and accept that just be a little more patient and let's shift things a little gentler. Then there'll be more moments that you have a breakthrough and you run and you dive in. Then there are going to be moments you pull back again. And so you learn that ebb and flow. But I think we learn that ebb and flow with ourselves, and then if we have kids, we learn with that same ebb and flow with our kids, and we continue doing that throughout our lives. There are moments of great expansiveness, and then there are moments of receptive and intuitive and taking a break. Damla Aktekin: Yeah. Okay. The thing about clients, I see a sign a bit differently. From my point of view, I trust in the intelligence of your energy system. The moment you sign up for a session, your system knows and brings up exactly what we're going to work with and work on. And then the other thing I bring in is I'm bringing 110% of me when we meet, I'm all yours. Time actually sees this to exist. I'm right there. I'm crying with you, I'm breathing with you, and all I ask is for you to do the same. I'm not asking you to take the huge jump, but I'm asking you to be with it. If you're with it, we're good. We'll get somewhere, even if it starts small or slow, we'll get there. But, if I'm showing up, you better show up too. Krystal Jakosky: Amen. Absolutely. Amen. I do the same thing. I show up a hundred percent because I am here 110%. I am here for you and you are going to guide this. You are going to be the one who says, Let's go, and let's hold on for a moment. I think that it's each person's independent individual journey, and we get to be witnesses and support at that moment. You say that daily healing practices are super important. Why is that? Why do we need it daily? I can do it once a week or I can do it a couple of times a week and I'm good to go. Damla Aktekin: Because we got out of order. And I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. I actually just had a private client that went deep into this, and she's experiencing a lot of physical symptoms, but the point of decision and the point of intention needs to be, okay, here I am as this drop of the arm, drop of vibrational reality. And there are so many things that are out of whack in the world right now that are going to inevitably hit you. Then there are going to be things in there that are already out of whack because of your energetic wounds. So, they will get triggered by the out-of-orderliness, and chaos around you. So your job becomes what kind of order can I bring to myself today? And to me, that begins with solitude, silence, and diving into your earth underneath the skin. Whether you do that through crystal healing as I do or whether you go take a walk or you're sitting down outside, wonderful, but some sort of moment where you can say, I need to reorder, re-regulate my nerve system and reorder the fluidity of my system. Crystals do this wonderfully because they're already ordered molecules. They can repeat frequencies perfectly because of that order. And what happens is they remind us of that order. When you sit with them, read with them, and show up openly to them without expecting them to be something that they may not be at that moment, they're going to remind your system of that order. And when you get ordered you can then hold onto things, but the order is going to open up the flow meaning coherence, your heart rate gets lower, your breathing gets more organized, the breathing in and out, and your right and left hemisphere to begin to talk to each other. Your body begins to relax, and your blood pressure drops. So these are the physical things on an energetic level, things are flowing more easily. They can flow in and through you as well as things that are waiting to get in, like the guidance, the subtle energy, and all the help that's out there available for you. So that to me is non-negotiable. Not in the sense that I don't do it the same way every single day. Some days I do it for five minutes. I actually have a membership for this where I record five-minute healings, believe it or not. Mostly for me and, and for other people who might be interested in that, because sometimes that's all you have. And then other days it is something I do just before I fall asleep, but every single day it's a kindness. It's a kindness to say what's out of order here? How can I sit with this? And that's sitting with it. Invite the order in. The other thing that invites order is gratitude. The other thing that invites order is just noticing what feels good. Maybe you're just a touch person, like the touch of soul things. It's fall that brings you some more goodness. Maybe it's warm, maybe it's cold. Like noticing what feels good, moving towards that gratitude, silence, and solitude. So that's those things. Krystal Jakosky: So every day is a moment, taking a moment, whether that's five minutes or an hour, and giving yourself that gift to breathe and to tune in and to see where you're at and how you feel. And gratitude. I love gratitude. The other day I was talking to a girlfriend and she said, Wow, you are fired up. And I said, Yes, I'm fired up about this. I'm really frustrated about this. And then she said, Yeah, I understand that, and I'm so grateful that I live such a blessed life. And I said, Me too. And we started talking about how blessed we were and it shifted that whole, I'm all fired up from this frustration and overwhelm into this. Yeah, it's okay. So it brought more of that order and that piece because together we were talking about just the gratitude and the gift that we have at the moment. And yeah, there are other things that are going to happen in life. Damla Aktekin: She was a wise friend, wasn’t she? She didn't say to you, Krystal, sit down, you're going to name all the things you're grateful for. Look at all these things that are blessed in me, like, she brought herself into order. And you got affected by that. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. Yeah. Damla Aktekin: And inevitably the other piece of the daily practice is talking about our kids and everything. Like when you're ordered, everything is flowing better in a lot of different ways. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. I think we have more patience with those around us because we are ordered and we are balanced, we are grounded, and able to function smoothly. And so everyone around us doesn't affect us as much and yet we, and our order helps to affect them and bring them a little bit order too. So I think it's a beautiful thing and it works both ways. Thank you. She's my girlfriend from high school and I love her to death. Damla Aktekin: She's smart. Krystal Jakosky: Yes. She and I are always talking about how we can absolutely be genuinely ourselves and talk about absolutely anything, and it does not matter because we love each other regardless. Thank you. I love her. Damla, how do people find you? Where are you at? Damla Aktekin: Someone asked me this today, and I said, I am sandwiched between preparing school snacks and healthy breakfast and the after-school activities and between working on healing myself and others. That's the reality of life. And I'm very blessed. I'm very happy about it. My website is adropofom.com. That's where you're going to find lots of free resources, including inner child activation meditation, which, by the way, is a fabulous way to do that daily practice. It's a beautiful way to start getting connected with your inner child. I have a sort of a guide there to help you nourish the child a little bit. You'll find out when you download it. And then the other piece of this is I write intuitively. I send a weekly newsletter that is guided, and somewhat channeled, and people seem to get something out of it just through reading that and just being in that. I'm on social media too, and if you're guided to work with me, I would say just get started because I've had people find you in the local community. They would find my card or something and they would put it in a drawer and then they keep opening the same drawer and two years later they book something. So maybe if you get something like that, just book it already and be done with it. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. Damla Aktekin: That's what I will say. Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. They have been brought to you for a reason and there's no better time than now to dive in and see that potential change in your life and heal what you can. A couple of extra questions for you. What do you do for self-care? Damla Aktekin: The daily practices and that element of kindness? Yeah, I mean it's everything because it's just from the way I pour my tea to the way I handle the dishes, it's everything. The way I treat things and beings and relationships around me is a direct reflection of what's going on inside. I'm really getting frustrated with my system right now, with my website. Can I just step out of this for 10 minutes for that silence? So something like that, giving myself pauses and little mini kindness breaks. Krystal Jakosky: Love it. And then I encourage people to journal. So if there was a journaling prompt for everyone, do you have one that you'd like to share? Damla Aktekin: What do you love? And just beautiful right? Krystal Jakosky: Yeah. Keep writing. What do you love? So you heard it here, Damla. Your website, is that where they can sign up for your weekly news? Damla Aktekin: Yes. So if you get any of the resources, you will get signed up. I will say that I have published three different daily practice journals. One of them is a crystal healing journal, the other is a gratitude journal. We talked a little bit about that. The other one is a mantra journal and all of them have different prompts. And one of the ones from the Crystal Healing Journal is instead of assuming, you sort of tune into the moment and ask the crystal where it wants to go or what it wants to partner with you about. You also write what you love about that crystal because in holding a crystal, we often don't realize that we are looking at ourselves, we are crystalline beings as well. So being mindful of what you put into that relationship is very much a reflection of your own relationship with yourself. Krystal Jakosky: I love it. And I might have to get it, you guys check it out. She's got three different journals that you can write in. So dive in. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our listeners today? Damla Aktekin: These are really tough times. Everything's accelerated, everything's intensified. It's getting more intensified. It's going to get a little worse before it gets better. And just be kind, be kind to yourself. Krystal Jakosky: Amen. I echo that. Thank you so much for coming and being with us today on Breathe In and Breathe Out. Damla Aktekin: My pleasure. I hope this moment of self-care and healing brought you some hope and peace. I’m @krystaljakosky on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and I hope you check us out and follow along for more content coming soon. I look forward to being with you again here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. Until next time, take care.

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September 21, 2022 00:11:37
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What to Do With Unsolicited Advice

You don't have to take everyone's advice - however pure their intentions may be. In this week's episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out, I...


Episode 18

July 28, 2021 00:19:22
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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Sometimes changing your life requires a shift in perspective. In this week's episode, Krystal's Aunt Olive teaches us a valuable lesson: If you're struggling...


Episode 85

November 23, 2022 00:13:14
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Understanding Your 3 Main Causes of Upset

Werner Erhard identified three main causes of upset.- Undelivered Communication- Unmet Expectations- Thwarted IntentionsUnderstanding the concepts and applying them in daily communication helps alleviate...