137: Embracing the Oracle: Tuning into Your Inner World

November 22, 2023 00:12:37
137: Embracing the Oracle: Tuning into Your Inner World
Breathe In, Breathe Out with Krystal Jakosky
137: Embracing the Oracle: Tuning into Your Inner World

Nov 22 2023 | 00:12:37


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Krystal Jakosky

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Don't you just love the shifting seasons? In this video I share my deep love for the shifting seasons and how we can learn from the natural ebbs and flows of life. Tune in as I discuss the joys of autumn, the introspective nature of winter, and how we can use this time to truly rejuvenate ourselves. But, it's not all just cozy walks and crunchy leaves, we talk about the pressure of holiday expectations. I'll be providing practical tips on how to tune into your own heart, master the powerful word 'no', and deal with the social stress of the holiday season. I also share my thought-provoking insights drawn from nature, like the impactful story of the Californian redwoods. Remember, this season isn't just about everyone else - it's about you too. Let's explore together how we can truly honor ourselves during this time of the year.

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[00:00:03] Speaker A: Think meditation is hard. Do me a favor, take a slow, deep breath in. And now breathe out. Congratulations. You just meditated. Hi, I'm Crystal Jakowski, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out, a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it. [00:00:28] Speaker B: Welcome back to the next installment of Meditation on The Oracle. Just a brief overview, be brief reminder. I felt very inspired to dive into this as a meditation. It is an opportunity to focus our minds on the moment and tune out the world. Tune into right here, right now. The Oracle, compared to the Tarot, is much broader. It's the big brushstrokes in a painting. The Tarot is more of the fine details that are there. So with the Oracle, you get to apply it, how it works for you, and fill in the blanks. So I hope you enjoy this installment of Meditation on the Oracle as much as I enjoyed doing it. [00:01:14] Speaker A: Thank you for choosing into Breathe In, Breathe Out and being a part of my journey. This has been an amazing two and a half years of connecting and joining with you. I'm so very grateful for all of the people who have chosen in and supported me on this journey. I have met so many beautiful people and learned so very much. It's been amazing. Gratitude fills my heart and overflows. Due to a new part of my own personal journey, I am going to be taking a little bit of time off from Breathe In, Breathe Out. I don't know how long that will be. I just know that I'm taking a pause. In that pause, I will be working more on my other podcast, which is called Louie Body and Mindful Caregiving. I highly encourage you to check that one out, follow along with me and continue with a new journey. Thank you again. And let's go to this final fabulous episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out. Hello, and welcome back to Breathe In, breathe out. I'm Crystal Jakowski and I'm thrilled that you're here. Thank you for joining me and being present. I get to do another episode of the Meditation on the Oracle and it's just fantastic. I am reading from the Sonya Choquette Ask Your Guides deck. And this is a deck that it's the first one I ever purchased, the first one that I ever read from. And this is like 1012 years. So this little deck has been with me for a very long time and it just came into my life in a time when I desperately needed extra guidance and it gave me so much peace and reassurance. So I'm excited to draw from it today. So let's move on. The very first card that we're pulling is Family and Holy Spirit, and this is a beautiful card. It's green, it's a light green, and it has this beautiful white dove with the olive branch in its mouth. It's got a picture of a house and smoke coming out of the chimney in the background. It's a very beautiful, tender card. The highlights are security, elation, peace and family harmony, and the reading is this the Holy Spirit is touching your soul, bringing about a deeper sense of peace and security. The challenges of the recent past are met and thankfully you've survived due to the Holy Spirit's influence. Your trials have only strengthened your capacity to love, leaving you with an even deeper appreciation of those you love. The Holy Spirit particularly shines on your family and home as it heeds your prayers and oversees overall well being. At this time, there is no need to fret over your parents'health, your children's safety or your sibling's happiness. All is well. Ask the Holy Spirit to expand your capacity to move beyond personal love and include all of humanity in your prayer for peace. Entreat the Holy Spirit to brighten your aura and allow those to see you as a source of contentment. The Holy Spirit's message. Peace be with you. The readings are always past where we've been, current where we're at, and future where we are going. The final one of our last reading was the Trickster and saying that we needed to play and flip things on its head. This one is saying that we did good, that we met our challenges, that everything actually is fine, that instead of fretting, we can turn it on its head and acknowledge that everything is as it should be. Everything is good and beautiful and wonderful. Additionally, right now it's the 22nd. It is right before the holidays, and if you are spending time with family, I pray that you have an expanded amount of love in your heart for those people in your realm, whether you're with them in person or in spirit. Giving thanks for the day, giving thanks for the peace and the beauty that's there. Our second card is, ironically, another Holy Spirit guide. This is rest. This is where we are at right here, right now. It's again got the beautiful white dove in the upper left corner and it's got a shadow of a stag off to the right over a hill, and it's got a person sitting in a lawn chair on the lawn reading a book. Love it. The highlights are meditation, prayer, withdrawal and retreat. And the reading is our culturally perverse notion that doing, doing, doing is the correct use of time and that doing nothing is a complete waste of time has indeed made us a society. Your overwhelming desire to back off from this whirlwind of activity and take a break, even throw in the towel altogether, isn't crazy or unrealistic. It's a direct summons from the Holy Spirit to withdraw your attention from the outer world and reconnect with your soul. Life is not to be frittered away in meaningless and unexamined activity. You came in with a purpose and specific soul intentions that are being neglected. They're now knocking at the door of your intention, reminding you that you have commitments to keep. If you don't heed this call and begin to self examine, you may even enter a dark night of the soul, a time where nothing feels meaningful. Listen to the Holy Spirit and open your heart to its direction. Take lots of time to be alone and get in touch with your soul. Write in a journal, seek counseling and pray. Allow yourself to be in direct contact with the guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Withdrawing from the world, whether through contemplation, meditation or even a sabbatical, is the most powerful way to use your time. Right now, the Holy Spirit is guiding you in your quiet moments. Its message make time for yourself. This is ridiculously beautiful, especially at this time of year when the world tells us that we are supposed to be running and going and doing, buying for this, buying for that, helping here, helping there. It's constantly draining and battling, and we often feel as though we're letting people down because we're not living up to the expectations around us, when in reality we should be stopping and checking in with ourselves. How is my time and energy best served right now? Instead of spreading yourself out super thin, perhaps larger, more targeted focus would be way better and make a much bigger impact. Give yourself time for rest, contemplation, personal moments, and go out and do as is needed by you, not by the judgment of others. Our final card, which is where we are going, is imagination with the inner child. The highlights are nocturnal dreams, daydreaming reverence, and fantasy. Your divine inner child spirit is knocking at your door, inviting you to step away from a serious life filled with too much work and drudgery, and allow yourself some well deserved playtime. Your life is presently over controlled by others needs and much too burdened with responsibilities. Consequently, you're losing touch with your inspiration and creativity. Listen to your inner child. Take time to daydream fantasize, visualize wonder and explore. Feed your inner child with art classes, theater tickets, concerts, and other types of recreational activities. If you don't honor your inner child's needs, they'll get your attention by throwing one heck of a childish tantrum, manifesting in a chronic bad mood or a nasty depression. You need this magic now. Your inner child's message come play with me. We are moving into a space where we need to acknowledge that inner child, acknowledge that being within that can teach us again how to find the wonder and joy in life, the excitement that is possible, the awe in the world around us. Children don't have the burden of everyone around me says I should be doing this and that and the other. They don't have the adulting gene and they haven't fully been, for lack of a better word, trained or programmed into society. Let your inner child out, play, create, laugh. Take a moment to find joy and healing. Thank you for joining today. Thank you for sharing this message with me, for being present and for taking this message in for yourself. You are fantastic. Allow yourself some rest, allow yourself some imagination and playtime. And I pray that you continue to do self care, remembering that you are just as worthy as anybody else of the time, efforts and energy that is being put out there. Give just as much to yourself as you're giving to everyone else. Take care. I hope this moment of self care and healing brought you some hope and peace. I'm Crystal Daikowski on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and I hope you check us out and follow along for more content coming soon. I look forward to being with you again here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. Until next time, take care. The show our.

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